Artisanal wines from Alicante

Celler Mar de Vins

Passion, tradition, and craftsmanship

Our history

Mar de Vins Cellar is the life project that two passionate individuals decided to embark on with the purpose of crafting artisanal wines from Mediterranean grapes cultivated by ourselves.

But before we had to find those vineyards, because we only had the idea and the illusion. n 2018, the opportunity to manage our own vineyard arrived. A year later, we conditioned our small garage cellar to elaborate our first vintage.

vinos artesanos

Wines of Alicante

Wines with soul and character

Artisanal winery

In our small ‘garage’ winery, we craft genuine wines of small production, featuring Mediterranean grape varieties. We work under the premise of minimal intervention so that our wines are frank and express the terroir. The entire production process, from caring for the grapes to bottling, is completely manual and artisanal, thus conveying the effort, soul, and passion in every bottle.

Mediterranean grapes

Malvasía & Giró, Maximum expression of terroir.

Sustainable viticulture

Influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, our old vines of Malvasia and Giró thrive, planted in the early seventies on clay soils, strictly rainfed. The viticulture we practice, sustainable and environmentally respectful, is aimed at obtaining grapes of the highest quality to craft wines that can represent our surroundings.

Underwater wines

Another way of transmitting the Mediterranean

Underwater aging

At a depth of thirty meters, in the absence of light and at a constant temperature, our underwater treasures have aged. Now, after six months, they emerge from the depths to showcase their maximum evolutionary expression.

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